Buya Yahya’s Message For The Preacher

SAJJAD Jumat, 11 Januari 2019 20:46 WIB
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Bata-Bata - Buya Yahya Zainal Maarif as a founder of the Dakwak Development Agency (LPD) Cirebon filled the study of Fiqh al-Dakwah on the opening of the 4th Pekan Ngaji. The study was in the courtyard of the West school, Thursday, (01/10/2019).               

In the study, there were many impotent things conveyed by Buya Yahya as the familiar call of Buya Yahya Zainal Ma'arif. It’s from the characteristics of dakwah, the requirement to be a preacher up to the constraints of being a preacher.

He said, if da'wah is the duty of everyone, and the obligation of da'wah begins from now. He also added that not to delay procrastination in preaching, do it now "Dakwah is obligatory for all human, from now on," he said.

Not only that, dakwah is not only through lectures or speeches. He said if da'wah can be given by anything, because the meaning of dakwah is something that can bring others to the blessings of Allah, People who has knowledge, their preaching was from knowledge, the dakwah entrepreneurs was wealth, for strong man the dakwah was from energy. "Everyone can preach," he added.

         There are many things more were conveyed by Buya Yahya in the program of studyfiqh al-dakwah on the opening of the 4th Pekan Ngaji. And the ceremonial was closed by prayer  by Buya Yahya himself. (Doe/Jad)