Studying Design and Learning Planning, the Way to Create Capable Educational Staff 

SAJJAD Jumat, 18 Januari 2019 10:29 WIB
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Bata-Bata – The 4th Pekan Ngaji Bata-Bata Islamic Boarding School held design studying and learning planning, as the way to create capable and high quality educational staff. The design studying was in auditorium of boarding school on Sunday 13/01/ 2019

The study was followed most by management staff and teachers of Bata-Bata Islamic boarding school, from low level to high level.

To filled up the design studying and studying planning, the committee wreaked the rector of Malang Islam universIty (UNISMA), Prof. Dr. Masykuri Bakri, Prof. Dr. Masykuri- the familiar call of Prof. Dr. Masykuri Bakri, M.Si, applied interactive system in the design studying and studying planning.

Participants were welcomed to ask with showing of their hands although the materiel conveying was not finished. Prof. Masykuri made the system to make the condition was quite informal. “ In order to more relax”. He said.

Prof. Masykuri conveyed that studying module was divided to 3 big lines. Namely;  global education, national education and local education. Both of them had important contribution in education world,” he added.

The 3 modules had strong connection. Where global education was education focused in studying with the world generally. But, the global education can be unused if it was not suit as national education. And on the contrary of it,   national education can be unused if it was not suit with local education and so forth. “Everything had close relation,” he added.

Besides, Prof. Masykuri obligated teachers to know psychologist character of their students one by one. Besides, good educator will not ever make down their mental students, but they must always motivate and help students to seek their hidden potential, “educator must be smart”. (Doi/Jad)